My Account

Can I change/update my details? 

Of course, feel free to shoot us an email at info@coffeescout.com.au and we can help you out.

I have a discount code - what do I do with it?

You will be prompted upon checkout to enter any codes you have to receive the discount on your order. 


Subscription Box  

When will I be charged? 

On our subscription plan, you will be charged on the first of each month. 

When will I receive my coffee?

We aim to get you your coffee by the middle of each month (give or take). 

How much is shipping?

You will never pay shipping rates with Coffee Scout within Australia! 

Do you ship outside of Australia? 

At this stage we do not - however if you are interested in getting a box of the finest Australian coffee, shoot us an email at info@coffeescout.com.au and we will see what we can do!

Can I track my coffee?

You certainly can! We will email you with information including a tracking number once your box has been shipped. 

Can I put my shipment on hold?

Of course, email us at info@coffeescout.com.au and we can arrange this. 

Can I up the frequency and receive my coffee more frequently?

At this stage, we only post our coffee boxes monthly, however, check back as we will be enabling shorter time frames soon. 

Is there anything else included in the box? 

In each subscription, we include some more information on the roaster - including tasting notes from their coffee and where you can find more of it! We are aiming to move toward digital tasting notes to reduce the amount of paper we use. 


Feel free to send any other questions to info@coffeescout.com.au and we will get back to you asap.