September - Cool Hand Cofee

Cool Hand Coffee
How long have you been roasting and how did it start?
We started roasting mid last year as a small group of coffee kids who wanted to do a little more than the typical roaster.  We started Cool Hand with the very real purpose of getting great and adventurous specialty coffee into the hands of  Australian coffee drinkers who just want that extra little bit of "extraordinary" in their cuppa. 
What's changed since we started?
Other than growing our team (little by little!), we've expanded our offering - more recently dropping a triple release of beans from one of Colombia's best exports, Jose Ordonez.  This has been an especially exciting release for us, as our green partners have been working tirelessly with Jose (through education and crop improvement) to bring his beans to market here in Australia.  His Wush Wush in particular has been called the "perfect summer cup", with peach and mango tasting notes and a subtle orange acidity.  
What is your roasting process?
We roast our coffee in South Melbourne, at a co-roasting space called Criteria Coffee.  By roasting our coffee in small batches, we have an extra level of control, precision and predictability when it comes to our final product.  Roasting in small batches also means that we minimise our wastage, so that when our coffee ends up in your home, it's ripe for brewing!
What makes you unique?
One constant about rare coffee beans is that they start to get pretty expensive, but with our partners at origin, we're making these interesting and complex varieties more accessible to our customers, to make sure we're all drinking the best available coffee.  Every. Single. Day!
What challenges do you think the industry is facing?
Climate, altitude, soil and water are all major influences on the composition of coffee beans, and coffee producers worldwide are noticing more and more the effects of the changing climate on their production practices.  For example, as the climate changes, growing coffee in certain areas is likely to become increasingly difficult.   Also, we may see a rise in coffee growth in areas where we've never seen coffee farms before.  This is a big threat to the coffee industry at a ground level, and as these changes force producers to make big adjustments, we're very likely to see a rise in coffee prices across the board.  
What's the best way to get more?
If you're wanting to get more out of your cup of coffee, head over to our website!  For Coffee Scout readers only, we're offering a 15% discount for all first time purchases of our coffee, just make sure you use COFFEESCOUT15 when you check out.  We roast every Monday, and our awesome team packs and sends orders out twice a week.  

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