September - Cortado Coffee

This month we spoke to Alex from Cortado Coffee Roasters to get a feel for what they are all about!

Roasting from their facility in Thornbury, Cortado are all about effortless simplicity that gets the job done without any fuss. They begin by selecting high quality beans that are then roasted to meet the needs of cafés and barista's who are on the hunt for high quality, unpretentious roasts.

The Ethiopian Sidamo selected this month smells as good as it tastes. As an espresso, you can expect some sweet acidity to cut through the milk and give you that classic toasty coffee'ness we know and love. The toffee sweetness slowly develops into darker chocolatey notes and finishes quite nutty. Just awesome.

As a filter brew, we note how much like a tea this coffee is. The sweetness we noted in the espresso is instead tarty, lemon flavours that are backed by a solid foundation of nutty goodness that keeps it very balanced. Perfect cup to accompany a morning spent in spring sunshine with a paperback.



How long have you been roasting and how did it start?

We have been roasting since 2015. It started with an idea to offer the market something a little different. 

What is your roasting process? / What makes you unique?

We roast specialty beans in house, rest, pack & deliver! Sounds simple, but back of house, its quite complex. Here at Cortado Coffee, we try our best to make every experience a great one.  

Quality product & Customer service is our priority. Over the years we have reduced our waste by up to 80% , reusable drums for coffee beans (with a one way valve), recyclable packaging, recycling our jute bags , and our husk is used locally for gardens and composting. 


To get your paws on more of their amazing coffee, visit our online store, with new products being added Monthly.


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