May - Cool Hand Coffee

Tell us about yourselves!?
We started off by seeing a gap in the market, more specifically in the chain of supply of coffee. We looked at ways we could make the chain more transparent. We buy directly from coffee farmers around the world and connect the end consumer with them directly.
This helps us to ensure two things:
    1.  The farmer is being looked after because we have no disconnection between him and us, we know not only his coffee but his family, how many employees he has, how long he has been farming, what practices he uses.
        2.  That when we drink that morning cup of joe, we can be more accountable for where it comes from and who provided it. With the transparency we create, the farmer is also accountable for his practices and the level of sustainability within his production.
          We want to educate people more on this chain and by learning as much as we can about it, we can ultimately help to better it.

          How long have you been roasting and how did it start?
          Our head roaster Seb has been roasting for longer than he cares to admit. He comes from a coffee family and the sweet brown nectar flows through his veins a bit more than the usual coffee aficionado. We all have a background in coffee and it has been our bread and butter for most of our professional lives, sometimes taking over other paths (some of us started off studying medicine years ago).
          The bottom line is that the journey started and continues with a love of all things coffee and the knowledge and passion we have accumulated over the years gives us a drive to provide the best to our customers.


          What is your roasting process?
          Our process always starts with sourcing beans directly from farmers. We find beans we can trace, people we can talk to, stories we can hear and ways that we can ultimately improve, not only our producers livelihoods, but sustainability within the industry as a whole. The process ends with sourcing the best from these suppliers, tasting and testing until we develop something that we walk away saying ‘dammmmmnnnnnn, that’s a brew”


          What makes you unique?
          We love coffee that helps tell our story and the story of our suppliers, we love people who are aligned with our values and are working similarly within the industry. Cool Hand started as a collaborative, people working together who love coffee and are passionate to create something more in the cup. Our final products are a culmination of so many people, ideas and practices. We want to make something more than a banging brew, a complete coffee journey involving the producer, the roaster and the end consumer.
          What challenges do you think the industry are facing that coffee drinkers ought to know more about?
          We are always surprised to see how little people know about where their coffee comes from. If we can continue to create this transparency with every cup, people in the industry who take advantage of being in the shadows are brought into the light and therefore become immediately responsible for their actions.

          If our subscribers loved your coffee, what's the best way for them to get more?
          Head over to and make an order, our beans are mostly small batch so we will continue to add more and the more popular picks will always come back, some staying a little more permanently.

          You can also contact us directly at with any questions you guys have, we love having conversations with everyone and anyone... coffee is collaborative, we want to build on what we do more and more.

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