March - Wanderer Coffee


How did it start?

Starting Wanderer was what got us into the industry. We definitely had a lot to learn about coffee at the beginning, but looking back this was a positive for us. It forced us to stay on top of what was happening in the industry and got us in the habit of constant learning and improvement. We didn’t come at it with an ego thinking we had a massive advantage or new more than everyone else. 

What gave you the idea to start Wanderer Coffee? 

In early 2016 after a stint overseas in the UK managing bars and restaurants we (Mack Bowers and Charline De Conto) came back to Australia because Mack's visa was running out. Working in a big hospitality scene like London inspired us immensely, so we decided to have a crack at starting our own business. 

With start up funds being tight we settled on a simple espresso bar as the best way to get our foot in the door. During our research we stumbled across a little vacant shipping container that a Hotel in the Brisbane CBD had stopped operating. It needed a little love to freshen up but this was exactly what we needed. Something with a little bit of the fitout in place that just needed some freshening up. 

From there we did 2 years in the CBD but the Cross RIver Rail took over the hotel area we were in. Then we relocated a couple of kilometers further out of the city to beautiful Park Road in Milton. We’ve been loving life here for over 2 years now 


What is the mission of Wanderer Coffee?

"To deliver great coffee and serve it in the right atmosphere". 

We create the right atmosphere by bringing our authentic selves to the spaces we operate from. We're fun, loud at times, into our music and love our coffee. As for delivering great coffee, we discovered a little while ago that to do this we needed to take more control of the entire process. Sourcing, roasting and brewing all need to be working together to create a truly consistent and memorable experience. 

Right now this is our mission and our focus, but for us this is something that is constantly evolving and moving with the times. We've had a lot of fun taking it this far and we can't wait to see where the adventure will take us next. 

On the surface, coffee is a simple and tasty drink (... it's just beans and water right!?). However, as the supply chain becomes more transparent and the challenges more obvious - what is a simple thing a coffee drinker can do to help?

I think consumers need to be drinking coffee from places that care about what they are serving. Maybe it’s the roaster that they’ve partnered with? Maybe the baristas are really knowledgeable? Maybe it’s the care and attention they put in when they’re brewing the coffee? 

Care and quality can be expressed in a myriad of ways and as consumers we need to demand more from the businesses we support. The ones that are meeting these expectations and rising to the new standards will force everyone else to be better. 

If our subscribers loved your coffee, what's the best way for them to get more?

If you're Brisbane based you can pop in and see us at our cafe 47 Park Road in Milton. Otherwise jump onto and place an order there!

To get more Wanderer Coffee content, visit their Instagram @wanderercoffeeThey have plans to open a new venue this year!