July - Ricci Method

Tell us about yourselves!?

RICCI was established in 2012 by three friends - Adriano Pilati, Marcello D’Intini, and Phillip Haddad – each focused on bringing an ancient method of coffee roasting to life in Australia.

As first-generation Australians growing up in Mediterranean households, coffee was at the heart of both everyday traditions and shared cultural celebrations. The rhythm of each day was defined by the ritual of coffee: a cappuccino with breakfast, a caffè macchiato as an afternoon pick-me-up, an espresso after dinner. Coffee was at the heart of weddings and funerals, first dates, birthdays and christenings. Always, the ceremony marks the occasion and the coffee marks the close – coffee is a place where people come together.
This close-knit group of friends who held coffee and culture so close to their hearts wanted to replicate the method of wood-fired coffee roasting used by their Mediterranean forebears – over an open fire. From humble beginnings experimenting with our Ghibli roaster in Warrandyte, RICCI are proudly leading Australia’s renewed interest in fine wood-roasted coffee.


In 2017, RICCI welcomed our uniquely talented Head Roaster, Clara Santaera. Bursting with passion for her craft and a rare knowledge of the coffee industry, Clara enjoyed many years as Head Barista at one of Melbourne's best loved Italian emporiums before turning her attention to the art of wood-roasting.

How long have you been roasting and how did it start?

We’ve been roasting for more than 7 years, it started off as a hobby for the boys and then when Clara entered the business she brought in deep knowledge from the industry after working for several big roasting companies and learning about what works and what doesn’t work for her. She wanted a platform where she could teach people about the importance of conscious purchasing options, and why it is so important to understand where your coffee comes from.

What is your roasting process? / What makes you unique?

Ricci adopts a simple philosophy, to deliver a product that is unique in its method, which is the ancient method of wood fire roasting. We also wanted to develop a flavour profile that did not compromise on quality and to source this coffee with full traceability and sustainability. We chose the woodfire method because it connected us to our Mediterranean roots, and it brought about a soulful connection to our product. We are one of a handful of woodfire roasters, we love to be different.

What challenges do you think the industry are facing that coffee drinkers ought to know more about?

The challenge is to steer away consumers to buy based on price, we are here to educate on ethical purchasing and knowing where your coffee comes from, and when the coffee is too cheap, you have to ask why. Consumers are powerful beings and they have the power to change the world, that is why our main objective is to really emphasise where our coffee comes from and that traceability all the way down the supply chain is the most sustainable way for the future of coffee.

The future of specialty coffee lays in the hands of the consumer, so ask your local roaster where their coffee comes from, be inquisitive, come on the coffee journey with us and your cup at home will taste even more special.

To get your paws on more of their amazing coffee, head over to the Ricci Method website www.riccimethod.com.au.


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