April - Little Owl Roasters

April Feature:



Tell us about yourself:

Little Owl is an artisan, family owned, specialty coffee roasting company. We love coffee and are excited by how much there is to learn, taste and create.

We have one very simple aim at Little Owl; to produce the very best coffee we can for you. Whether youʼre an espresso loving home barista or a busy local cafe, youʼve found the right place.

Who roasts?

Adam Beason - Manager: Ex Navy, visual artist, fabricator and roaster. Husband a father of two.

Our roasting is the result of a team effort with over 30 years of combined roasting experience.

What is your roasting process?

Use of IMF roasting equipment (air roasting) We have a 60kg IMF for our production roasting and a 15kg IMF for Single Origins and trial roasts.

What are your goals for the roastery?

Provide consistently great products backed by exceptional service.

What makes you unique?

Little Owl has the knowledge and equipment to support small to very large scale clients without sacrificing service and support.

Why are you passionate about the coffee industry?

It is a very inclusive industry with opportunities to work all over the world. Plus, who wouldn’t want to drink coffee for a living!

What are the values of the roastery?

To operate with honesty and integrity.


Story behind the blend/single (e.g. what are some of the values that make the blend/single great?)

Our Signature Blend has been developed over the past 5 years for the Perth and WA coffee palette. Dark Chocolate and caramel flavours. Rich and smooth. Great with or without milk.

We entered the Golden Bean Roasters 2018 Competition for Australia and New Zealand Coffee Roasters and came out with awards for 3 of our blends! Its safe to say we came out of these awards with a big smile and 4 bronze medals:

  • Bronze for Full Moon Blend in the Espresso category
  • Bronze for Nocturnal Blend in the Espresso category
  • Bronze for Signature Blend in the Espresso category
  • Bronze for Signature Blend in the Milk Based category


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