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How long have you been roasting and how did it start?

We started roasting on a 1 kilo roaster 9 years ago, which was set up at the counter providing a visual experience and interactivity with the roasting process. This sparked a number of discussions with our customers about coffee and the industry. We decided to roast ourselves so we could have control over the quality and be the first café in our area to roast its own coffee.

Our coffee beans grew in popularity and befor we knew it, we started to get asked if we would roast for cafés. We soon realised roasting late into the night on a 1 kilo machine was not going to cut it, so we upgraded to a beautiful 5 kilo roaster 2 years ago which now sits in the centre of the café now. Over the years we have grown from an organic cafe, to a roastery and now also an espresso bar. 

What makes you unique?

We only roast organic fair-trade coffee beans.

The philosophy of the fair trade movement became the reason we started Just Planet 12 years ago. When we heard about the unfair workplace practices in the coffee industry, we started looking for an alternative, and through the Australian Fair Trade Association accountability process, we found it.

Fairtrade accreditation means all workers are paid equally, farmers are paid properly and a subsidy is paid to the community to self determine what they need to use the funds for. It makes sense for us to enjoy excellent coffee whilst still contributing to improving coffee growers lives and their growing communities around the planet. 

What are the values of the roastery?

We endeavour to supply the very best quality arabica organic fairtrade coffee beans available, while providing a real wage, and financial security for small coffee bean farming cooperatives around the world. Hoping to make a difference, one coffee at a time.

What challenges do you think the industry are facing that coffee drinkers ought to know more about?

The coffee industry offers a fantastic range of beans, brews and products, particularly here in Melbourne. Behind the scenes however, exploitation and environmental degradation affected by climate change, pose a continual threat and generally the smaller farms are likely to be the most severely affected.

Wherever possible, we recommend seeking out the Australian Fairtrade symbol, and support that coffee. Not all accreditation is the same, which can be confusing! But, we believe and support the work Fairtrade Australia are doing.

If our subscribers loved your coffee, what's the best way for them to get more

The best way to connect with us is on social media - we have active Facebook and Instragram pages - feel free to send us a message with your order. Our website is currently under construction, but once it is up and runnng you will be able to place your orders from there.

We are a small friendly team, and happy to talk on the phone too!

The Roastery landline is 03 9740 3106, and you can contact Norman directly on 0455 249 383.

Alternatively, contact us via email: norm.justplanet@gmail.com.



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