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October - Monastery Coffee

Monastery's Religion of Coffee

We met Adam at Monastery HQ in Windsor Gardens, South Australia – and from the outside – you wouldn’t think much. Pulling up, the place looks like a dilapidated building, struggling to stay upright. Next to the house is a driveway leading up to a small warehouse – but one could be forgiven for thinking they’re in the wrong place. But there’s nothing wrong about Monastery HQ – this is where the magic happens. We’re here to taste their range of single origins for Coffee Scouts first coffee box.

 “Ignore the house – the landlord is knocking it down” Adam reassures us as we approach. “There’s a toilet in there if you need to go but I would hold it, the ceiling might cave in”.

 On any given day you can find Adam or Jeff passionately bustling around the warehouse, surrounded by the latest gizmos and gadgets from all corners of the coffee world.

Adam multitasks on an extreme level – eyes on his laptop, with one hand on the roaster – ensuring the coffee is tumbling into first crack. His split focus resembles a mad scientist at work. Two screens are open on the table beside him, both displaying colorful graphs. An iPad sits in front of them. It’s linked to a small roaster in the corner (an IKAWA) that’s humming away gently.

After a few moments in the warehouse, it becomes evident that Monastery has outgrown its space.

 “We have around 3 tonne of coffee here and a bunch more waiting to come in,” Adam explains. “We just don’t have the room to hold it at the moment”. Not bad for a roaster who has only been around for 3 years.

 Monastery recently rebranded – doing away with logos they deemed to be a little too “old man” and bringing the brand back to its youth. The idea was to brighten the image while maintaining the sophistication – and they wear it well. 

We move over to a table in the corner where Adam has 8 glasses prepped. He pulls out 8 small containers with different beans in each. He begins grinding them and boiling water. Soon there are 8 glasses of coffee, ready to be tasted. 

We begin the taste. The first two are nutty with a chocolate taste. Good to use as a base for blends, we’re told. The following 4 are fruitier and more floral. The second to last is a bit watery and less strong in flavor. Adam attributes this to the roast falling a little bit short - the last is a new bean from Costa Rica that is honey processed.

The Costa Rican single origin has impact – and Adam agrees it’s the best choice for Coffee Scout. Founded by the Aguilera brothers in the region of Los Robles de Naranjo, West Valley – its tasting notes are enticing – chocolate, cherries, berries and caramel. 

“It’s ridiculously sweet,” Says Adam. “Some jammy, ripe berries up front – and then you get hit with chocolate, pecan pie, and burnt sugar.” He’s not wrong. It’s an outright winner.

Monastery’s intent goes a little deeper than some, ensuring the coffee they deliver is as ethical as it is quality. They work closely with Café Imports Australia and live by the brand's ideals. “Our goal is to improve the quality of life for all involved – from the tree to the cup – through the commerce of coffee”

 Catch Monastery Coffee’s ‘Finca Tono’ single origin from Costa Rica in this months Coffee Scout box.


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