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January - Rosso Roasting Co

There are no shortcuts in life. Especially when it comes to seriously awesome coffee. 

Rosso Roasting Co is a business built on a very simple idea - there are no shortcuts in life – and Rosso isn’t cutting any corners. Originating in 2005, Rosso started small and expanded over twelve years, developing its style and taste into the iconic roaster it is now.

Roasting from a warehouse in Tullamarine, Rosso takes a love for coffee seriously, with meticulous detail expanding to packaging, roasting and relationships. Owner and operator Ramez is truly passionate about coffee and the people who drink it. “We love the impact we can have on someone’s day. We custom, hand-roast every single batch of our specialty graded coffee, and have a simple philosophy - if it’s not the best it can be, then don’t serve it.”

The pick of the Rosso bunch for the Coffee Scout January edition is the Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Organic - a balanced complex cup with rich jasmine floral notes throughout. The coffee, grown by the Yirgacheffe Coffee Farmers Cooperative Union in Gedeo, Southern Ethiopia, utilizes over 62,000 hectares of land and produces on average 9,000” tonnes Yirgacheffe per year.

Ramez notes the Yirgacheffe’s flavours are really impressive. “It’s got a very lingering aftertaste that’s sweet and syrupy...really big flavours including blueberries, which we love.” He says. Also listed, are sweet jammy tropical fruits, sticky caramel, vanilla, and chocolate. “[It’s] rounded, acidic with a silky, heavy texture”

Rossos anti-shortcut reputation doesn’t just stop at the beans though, with thought and consideration extended to the people who both serve and drink Rosso coffee. “We love the cafe business,” says Ramez. “ [We] know intimately the value of an outstanding coffee offering.”

Most of the Rosso team have spent a huge amount of time working in hospitality, owning and operating successful cafes across the city. “One thing we can say for sure is, it's not an easy game, so we can't help ourselves but lend a hand when we're called upon.”